A little bit about me

Where do I start? This is all so new to me; writing, sharing my thoughts with a world that is so big and scary and full of people that have constantly proven to be ruthless when expressing their opinions on other peoples actions but I guess that very same thing has been what has impulsed me to do this. Because you know what? it’s facing those fears that helps you to see that not everyone is ruthless and that there is actually a lot of beautiful things in this world that we miss out on when we let fear hold us back. Well, I’m just a regular girl, some would say young woman but trust me I’m still a girl at heart, that has lived twenty-three long and somehow painfully beautiful years on this place we call earth. After what seems like an eternity I have finally made it to my final year of college, (as some of you may know things don’t always go as planned and it sometimes takes you more than those 4 years you believed you were gonna take to get your degree), and will be graduating next fall from BSU 🐾 with a degree in Spanish and History. Now don’t let that fool you, I’m still not one hundred percent sure of what I’m going to do with said degrees but I’m content with reaching this point in my life and am expectant to see where God takes me in the future. With this page, I’m excited to share bits and pieces of my life with the world and hopefully be able to inspire or help others in some way or another. I’m not perfect but my heart is big and my intentions are good and I hope that we can all grow and journey together through this thing we call life.



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