New Year and Resolutions 

When brainstorming what I could possibly write about this Monday the thought popped into my head dude the years about to be over in less than three weeks! What better than to talk about the infamous New Year resolutions that are most likely bombarding your social media sites and attacking your mind as a result. Now don’t get me wrong when I say the word infamous I don’t by any means mean to downplay resolutions as something of no importance or effectiveness but I’m rather calling out the obviousness of its hype around this time of the year and the high percentage of non success in most people’s lives in about three months from now. I can truthfully say that until this year that was me. I would make list after list year after year but never saw any true results from them. For example, one resolution I had last year was to work on my health and to do so by joining a gym in the new year. January rolled around and yes I went to the gym once a week for about a month, but as per usual I then gradually stopped going for one excuse or another. 2015 definitely started off that way for all of my resolutions. However, by the beginning of this school semester I had a fire burning up inside of me against the mediocrity that was my life. I was tired of not having friends, of not doing anything with my life and letting fear rule over me. So I took action. I decided that I was going to make the effort to talk to people in my classes and go to clubs that interested me and I did. One of my resolutions was just that; to be more outgoing and to make friends. And would you believe it I have friends now?! I made more friends in one semester than I have in all of the years I’ve been attending university. So what do I want to tell you guys with this? Yes, make plans, make plans and goals for next year that your heart so desires to see accomplished, but you’re never going to see any results if you don’t make consistent effort and push yourself to do things that are out of your comfort zone in order to see your goals come true. Was I terrified of talking to new people? Yes! I’ve been socially awkward my whole life (legit this is not a lie) but stepping out even if your in fear is totally worth it because you will definitely see the results in the long run. I believe in you! Now just believe in yourself and kick 2016’s butt! Love y’all always ❤






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