Inside Out

So although I might be really behind with watching this movie, this weekend I watched the “children’s” movie Inside Out. Now, I put the word children in quotes because although the movie is an animated Disney movie directed at a children audience it leaves a lot to think about for teenagers and adults. The movie shows us how emotions such as fear, joy, sadness, anger, and disgust control the actions of a girl since the day she was born and actually gives us so much perspective on human nature. After, becoming very intrigued by the movie and watching how the girl grows up and ends up losing joy and sadness after a fight between the two because of sadness’ desire to touch the little girl’s critical memories (which meant that they would forever be tinged with sadness) I started to think about which emotions governed my actions. Throughout her entire life, up until she lost joy, the little girl’s emotions were primarily governed by joy and somewhat assisted by the others when necessary. Thinking back on my life, I’ve always been governed by fear (the nervous wreck) first, and then joy (the one that wants to be happy and see the good in everything) last. Fear had me questioning whether I should join the club I was interested in, whether I should talk to the boy I liked, or raise my hand in class. While, joy was the real me the one that was excited about signing and would love to join anything involving music, that had a sense of humor that would have me holding back tears of laughter in class so that I wouldn’t seem like a crazy person. I want to primarly be governed by joy. Recently in my life I have been making changes, working on becoming a better me and trying to have my life put together. However, I haven’t made much room for joy to take over. I’ve decided that not only do I want to take her out and let her take the reigns every once in a while, I am going to. She’s an essential part of me, the me I want to be. I don’t know what emotions have governed your life or are governing it now but I hope that you may allow the emotions that make you happy, the one that are true to who you are, shine and that the things that have happened in your life don’t burry those essential emotions. You are amazing and deserve to live happy satisfying lives. Love you always!




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