4 Steps to Effectively Check in on Your 2016 Goals/Resolutions 

I was recently sitting down in my room looking over my plans for the day when I realized. It’s already the end of June. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the time of year and the dates but sometimes it just hits you, you know.

We are half way through the year. Halfway through 2016.

Truthfully, my goals and resolutions came straight into mind, and I got the inspiration to write this post.

Although I have been checking in on my goals every couple of months, what a better time than now to let you guys in on how that has looked like for me?

If you haven’t already read my post from last year about making goals for the new year check it out.

It’s never too late to evaluate your life and create goals you want to meet.

Whether it’s a guide for the person you want to become or simply where you want your life to go, goals give us a sense of direction for moving forward in our lives.

Here are four simple steps that I have taken to effectively check in on my goals:

1. Assess.

Take a look at your goals. Pull up the word document you created or grab the notebook you wrote them down in. Determine what you have or have not accomplished. Did you actually follow through with all or some of the goals you made? What was your level of productivity? Did you get done what you wanted, but not to the extent that you had planned to?

2. Celebrate.

Celebrate your successes. No matter how small they may be. Even if you started continuously for a while and didn’t fully complete things the way you wanted to. You should be proud of yourself for starting and for getting as far as you have.

3. Revamp.

If you found that you did not succeed in everything you had planned, consider adjusting your goals and resolutions. This is not to say that because it was too hard you should quit. This is to say, maybe your goals were too large and you needed to zone it on them better. Think about ways to adjust your goals so they are more achievable. For example, maybe your goal was to read more. And maybe you did read, but not that much. A way to revamp this goal would be to set a number of books you want to have read by the end of the year. If you want you could even go as far as to make a list of which books you want to read and check them off as you go.

4. Move forward.

Keep pushing through with your goals. Don’t give up. The fact that you’re here says something about your resolve. Make up your mind that no matter how painful or how much work this will take, if this is truly what you want, you’re going to make it to the point to which you want to get to. Even if it takes time. I promise you, you’ll feel so accomplished in the end.


I am so proud of you for getting this far. You being here just proves that you are determined to get on track and move towards the life you want. Not everyone figures that out and you have (I didn’t for a long time and I’m so glad I did).

Like I said before, don’t give up. It may hurt in the moment but the other side, that’s where the rewards are. You’ll feel so much satisfaction if you endure and make it across your finish line. Forget about how long it will take. Just persist. Like they say, “slow and steady wins the race”.




8 Thoughts This Introvert Would Like To Share With The Guy She’ll Date

Dating today is so hard.

Especially if like me you are what they call an extroverted introvert.

I run on a battery. When I’m charged up I can interact like crazy. Turn up the music and watch me dance the night away. However, when my battery is low I retract and need some time, alone, or in really good company, to recharge.

Honestly? I want to interact all the time, and I try my best to interact but I can’t help that I’m like a car in the winter that needs to be warmed up before it can produce the hot air that will, like a cuddly blanket, envelop its freezing driver. 


It sucks when people think that I’m some hard act that doesn’t talk to people or thinks they are better than others. I do talk to people. I just have a hard time opening up to others in general and even more to a guy that I like.

If I’m even more honest this hookup culture doesn’t help my situation in the least.

It’s like yes, one day we might Netflix and chill. One day. But not today. Not after a day or two of talking to you. Truthfully? That’s for when we are official.

This is what I wish guys who are interested in dating me would know:

  1. Small talk is torturous. It doesn’t tell me anything I need to know about you; what your intentions are with me, what you actually care about. Yes, I may look quiet, and that’s because I normally am, quiet. However, if you are willing to take a crack at me I will give you a view into everything that swims around in this mind of mine and that’s a lot deeper than small talk will ever lead to.
  2. I thrive off of deep conversation.  Tell me about your dreams and ambitions, what drives you crazy about the world and how you desire it to be? I don’t know, it could be anything really. Talk to me. I promise I am listening. I want to know.
  3. I wish you could look past my sucky attempts at trying to start a conversation because I really do suck at it, but realize that I’m trying. I will try.
  4. I am ridiculously annoying sometimes. I get to these points in which I want to jump around, blast music on the radio and dance for hours (my last roomate will freely fill you all in on that craziness). Maybe it’s stored up energy from when I don’t feel comfortable enough to open up around people? I don’t know. Regardless, I hope that you can love me for it. I’ll try not to go crazy too often.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be straight forward. Yes, I can be sensitive at times but I’m certainly not made of glass. So, don’t be afraid to put me in my place if it comes down to it. Although let me just warn you, don’t let my quietness fool you. I can be a fireball when it comes to things that matter.
  6. I’m going to apologize right now for any stupid things that I may say in anger or in any occasion (I’m working on it). My intentions are always good no matter how screwed up it might look because like any other person I screw up. A lot. I overthink until my head hurts, and I say the wrong things, but if there is one thing I promise to do right is stick by you, if you stick by me too.
  7. I once watched this movie. Letters to Juliet. The guy that was engaged to the main character never listened to her. She was so passionate about things and his eyes would glaze over every time she would talk about these things. I cringed. A lot. Please, don’t do that to me. Be fully present. No, you don’t have to like everything I do but at least try to care.
  8. I promise that once you get me going it’ll be very hard to get me to stop.


Trying to date today can be so hard. Especially, when you’re someone that has a difficult time opening themselves up to the opposite sex and really wish they could just get a snap shot of what you were thinking rather than running away.  I tried to make sense of how I felt and just put together these thoughts that I wish the guy I’m interested in would understand about me. Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Let me know in the comment section. Love you guys!













9 Fearless and Soul Satisfying Things To Do This Summer

I don’t know about you but my summers always seem to fly by. I’m so excited for them to come when I think about all of the things that I want to do, but it seems like I rarely ever get but a quarter of what I thought I wanted to do done.

Sometimes, I get nothing done.

This summer I am determined to make the most of the time I have. I don’t want to lounge around and waste time but I want to live and make as many memories as I can.

So I got to thinking. I specifically want to do some fearless and soul satisfying stuff this summer.

I want to experiment doing some things by myself. Things that I enjoy doing but my friends might not like.

However, being fearless doesn’t always equate to me having to do things by myself. I also want to do things that challenge me and make me happy with a good group of friends that want to do the same.

Most of all I want to do experience things that make me feel happy to be alive.

So I thought I’d share the list I came up with, with you guys.

The order doesn’t really matter.


1. Go to a concert by myself and turn the heck up.

I already have this planned out. Next month I will be going to see 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptic about doing this but I decided I’m doing it anyways. I really like 5SOS they’re going to be close by, none of my friends like them, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see them. So….YOLO.

2. Go to the movies by myself.

This one I actually already did. I have been on summer vacation since the second week of May. I decided to watch Me Before You. Let’s just say it was really good and I cried along with a movie theatre packed with other girls. I was fine.

3. Go rock climbing.

I have wanted to do this for a while. I don’t really know why because I have a fear of heights. Anyway, my friends at home haven’t really been up to going with me although I don’t want to do this one by myself. I’ll probably try doing this with my college friends.

4. Drive around at night listening to music with good people.

This one is definitely soul satisfying. I haven’t fully experienced this with the purpose of going nowhere specifically but to enjoy the music. I’ve gotten glimpses of this and I just want to unwind and do this with a good group of friends or even just my bestie.

5. Write. Write. Write. and share it with the world.

I love to write. I have recently figured this out, though and sharing my writing with the world freaks me out. It took a lot of guts for me to start this blog but I don’t want to restrain myself. I want to write more creative pieces, keep working on the ones I have already started on, and just share it.

6. Go hiking.

I’ve recently gotten into fitness. I’ve started working out because I want to feel better and turns out I love it. Hiking is awesome because you get to work out and take in nature with all its beauty. I want to do this with a group of friends. Disconnect for a bit, bring some books, and some paper and take it all in.

7. Go stargazing.

I want to go to the beach at night or spend the whole day at the beach and just enjoy the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. I did this over spring break this year and it was amazing. I didn’t fully get to bask in the glory of it so I want to try it again.

8. Tell someone I like that I like them.

This so hard. Especially because in the past I’ve been turned down. But, I don’t want to hold back. I want to tell someone I like them and see where that goes. If anything I want to continue to prove to myself that it’s okay to be turned down. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

9. Plan a day to pamper myself.

I want to get a massage, get my nails done, get my hair done and go out. I don’t think I’ve ever done all of these at the same time, but I know how good it feels to get them done individually. So I want to treat my body and then go have some no responsibilities fun. I could really use it.


Basically, I want my plans for the summer to include things I enjoy, challenge me at times, and make me happy to be alive. I don’t want this summer like other summers to fly by and me do nothing fun or beneficial. Some of you guys may not agree with my list and that’s fine but if this sounds like something up your alley feel free to take any of these ideas and do them. If you’d like, let me know how it goes.

In the words of 5SOS, “Let’s do something new and unpredictable.”

Love you guys!






4 Tips For The Perfect Summer Concert Experience

Can you believe it? Summer is only three weeks away. The time has come to put away the long sleeves, the sweaters and everything that reminds you of winter.


Prepare for shorts, bathing suits, pool, beach, water.


This is my favorite season to see the artists I love. No school, no homework, nice weather and lots and lots of free time.

So far Summer ’16 has a great line up of artists. From Drake to Beyonce to Selena Gomez and so many others.

If like me you are addicted to music and plan to attend some concerts this summer, here are the tips you need to have the perfect summer concert experience:

#1: Dress comfortably.


Dressing comfortably does not mean you can’t dress cute. You can wear, shorts, jeans, a dress; whatever. Just make sure it’s light. Whether you’re jumping around or just sitting down, there will most likely be a lot of people there and a lot of people means A LOT of body heat. Trust me you’ll either end up stripping or wishing you had gone with less clothes.


Tip #2: Don’t bring too many things.



In fact, if you don’t need to bring anything at all, don’t. But, I am aware that we at least need space for a couple of things. So bring the smallest bag you can bring. Honestly, all you really need is your ticket, cell phone, charger, and money. Everything else will only way you down throughout the concert or interfere with other people’s space.


Tip #3: Make friends with people around you.


Especially if you’re going alone, but even if you’re not. These people have the same interests as you, clearly y’all are at the same concert, and probably aren’t as scary as they may seem. You could end up making some really cool friends. If not, you’ll have met some cool people at whatever concert that you went to and were able to turn up with them for that moment in time. It’ll be a nice story to tell.


Tip #4: Turn the heck up.

turn up

Be fully present. You really don’t need to record every single second of the experience. You’ll forget most of it if you do (Trust me I’ve lived and learned this). Plus, how often do you really look at the videos after that night? Be honest. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more if you forget about everything and be present in that moment.


So there you have it; the 4 tips you need to have the perfect summer concert experience. I hope these tips are helpful. Now go have fun, and make some awesome memories.

Love you guys!