4 Tips For The Perfect Summer Concert Experience

Can you believe it? Summer is only three weeks away. The time has come to put away the long sleeves, the sweaters and everything that reminds you of winter.


Prepare for shorts, bathing suits, pool, beach, water.


This is my favorite season to see the artists I love. No school, no homework, nice weather and lots and lots of free time.

So far Summer ’16 has a great line up of artists. From Drake to Beyonce to Selena Gomez and so many others.

If like me you are addicted to music and plan to attend some concerts this summer, here are the tips you need to have the perfect summer concert experience:

#1: Dress comfortably.


Dressing comfortably does not mean you can’t dress cute. You can wear, shorts, jeans, a dress; whatever. Just make sure it’s light. Whether you’re jumping around or just sitting down, there will most likely be a lot of people there and a lot of people means A LOT of body heat. Trust me you’ll either end up stripping or wishing you had gone with less clothes.


Tip #2: Don’t bring too many things.



In fact, if you don’t need to bring anything at all, don’t. But, I am aware that we at least need space for a couple of things. So bring the smallest bag you can bring. Honestly, all you really need is your ticket, cell phone, charger, and money. Everything else will only way you down throughout the concert or interfere with other people’s space.


Tip #3: Make friends with people around you.


Especially if you’re going alone, but even if you’re not. These people have the same interests as you, clearly y’all are at the same concert, and probably aren’t as scary as they may seem. You could end up making some really cool friends. If not, you’ll have met some cool people at whatever concert that you went to and were able to turn up with them for that moment in time. It’ll be a nice story to tell.


Tip #4: Turn the heck up.

turn up

Be fully present. You really don’t need to record every single second of the experience. You’ll forget most of it if you do (Trust me I’ve lived and learned this). Plus, how often do you really look at the videos after that night? Be honest. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more if you forget about everything and be present in that moment.


So there you have it; the 4 tips you need to have the perfect summer concert experience. I hope these tips are helpful. Now go have fun, and make some awesome memories.

Love you guys!






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