8 Thoughts This Introvert Would Like To Share With The Guy She’ll Date

Dating today is so hard.

Especially if like me you are what they call an extroverted introvert.

I run on a battery. When I’m charged up I can interact like crazy. Turn up the music and watch me dance the night away. However, when my battery is low I retract and need some time, alone, or in really good company, to recharge.

Honestly? I want to interact all the time, and I try my best to interact but I can’t help that I’m like a car in the winter that needs to be warmed up before it can produce the hot air that will, like a cuddly blanket, envelop its freezing driver. 


It sucks when people think that I’m some hard act that doesn’t talk to people or thinks they are better than others. I do talk to people. I just have a hard time opening up to others in general and even more to a guy that I like.

If I’m even more honest this hookup culture doesn’t help my situation in the least.

It’s like yes, one day we might Netflix and chill. One day. But not today. Not after a day or two of talking to you. Truthfully? That’s for when we are official.

This is what I wish guys who are interested in dating me would know:

  1. Small talk is torturous. It doesn’t tell me anything I need to know about you; what your intentions are with me, what you actually care about. Yes, I may look quiet, and that’s because I normally am, quiet. However, if you are willing to take a crack at me I will give you a view into everything that swims around in this mind of mine and that’s a lot deeper than small talk will ever lead to.
  2. I thrive off of deep conversation.  Tell me about your dreams and ambitions, what drives you crazy about the world and how you desire it to be? I don’t know, it could be anything really. Talk to me. I promise I am listening. I want to know.
  3. I wish you could look past my sucky attempts at trying to start a conversation because I really do suck at it, but realize that I’m trying. I will try.
  4. I am ridiculously annoying sometimes. I get to these points in which I want to jump around, blast music on the radio and dance for hours (my last roomate will freely fill you all in on that craziness). Maybe it’s stored up energy from when I don’t feel comfortable enough to open up around people? I don’t know. Regardless, I hope that you can love me for it. I’ll try not to go crazy too often.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be straight forward. Yes, I can be sensitive at times but I’m certainly not made of glass. So, don’t be afraid to put me in my place if it comes down to it. Although let me just warn you, don’t let my quietness fool you. I can be a fireball when it comes to things that matter.
  6. I’m going to apologize right now for any stupid things that I may say in anger or in any occasion (I’m working on it). My intentions are always good no matter how screwed up it might look because like any other person I screw up. A lot. I overthink until my head hurts, and I say the wrong things, but if there is one thing I promise to do right is stick by you, if you stick by me too.
  7. I once watched this movie. Letters to Juliet. The guy that was engaged to the main character never listened to her. She was so passionate about things and his eyes would glaze over every time she would talk about these things. I cringed. A lot. Please, don’t do that to me. Be fully present. No, you don’t have to like everything I do but at least try to care.
  8. I promise that once you get me going it’ll be very hard to get me to stop.


Trying to date today can be so hard. Especially, when you’re someone that has a difficult time opening themselves up to the opposite sex and really wish they could just get a snap shot of what you were thinking rather than running away.  I tried to make sense of how I felt and just put together these thoughts that I wish the guy I’m interested in would understand about me. Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Let me know in the comment section. Love you guys!














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