4 Steps to Your Fearless Life

For a really long time, I lived a life that was far from the one that I wanted.

I allowed the fear of what other people would think of me, what they would say about me or to me, to hold me back from trying new things, speaking up, and being my true self. 

I eventually became fed up.

Fed up with the direction, or more so the lack of it, my life was taking.

I decided that I needed to do the things that I truly wanted Now

I wasted so much time living a life that I wasn’t happy with for people who didn’t know me or truly care about me.

It was time to start living for me.

Truthfully? I have found so much satisfaction and direction as a result.

I use the word fearless because I honestly believe fear is one of the main reasons we aren’t living the lives we were meant to be living. We are afraid of people, we’re afraid of ourselves, we’re afraid of so many things, that we hold back. Our potential stays on reserve; we never fully exert it.

If we can learn to fight our fear we can head towards the life that each of us truly want and are more than capable of attaining.

I believe that so many people could benefit from taking the initiative and that is why I would love to share what that process looked like for me in four simple steps.

This is not to say that my life is perfect and I’m never overcome by fear because it’s not. Fear creeps it’s face everyday into my life, and I have to choose everyday to fight it head on.

So, if you are looking to transition into the fearless and fulfilling life you want, this how you can do it:

1. Decide.

Decide that you have had enough. Enough with not being happy, enough with letting outside factors determine how you live your life, enough with wasting time not living the life YOU want.

2. Reflect.

Reflect on the life you want. It’s easy to simply think or say, “this isn’t the life I want”. However, it’s hard to establish how the life you truly want would look like. So think, and then write. Ask yourself what kind of life you want. Do you want to eat healthy and take care of your body? Do you want to go deeper into your spiritual life or create one if you’ve never had one? Do you want to incorporate things in your life that you really love? What are those things?

3. Create.

Create an action plan for how you are going to attain the life you have wanted. If you want to live healthier, how are you going to do it? When are you going to work out? Are you going to join a gym? If so, which one? If you want to go deeper in your spiritual life, what practices are you going to implement in your daily life that will allow you to do so? Create a detailed action plan for attaining each of the things that will help establish that life you’ve wanted. 

4. Implement.

Implement what you have detailed in your action plan into your daily life. Go. Take action. If you decided to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday, go, don’t miss a day. If you’ve decided to eat healthy go food shopping, create your healthy meals. The thing is to go do it. Do it even if you don’t feel like it, even if you’re tired. Do it no matter what.


Transitioning into the life you want isn’t something that is easy, but it is most definitely something that is worth it. You have to commit daily to it. That is, even when it’s hard, when you don’t feel like working out, or you don’t feel like setting the hour apart to do your homework or work on a project, you do it anyways.

The struggle of the moment is so overwhelming. It might feel like the hardest thing ever. However, when you push through it, you will feel so much better once you have completed the task. Not only that, but it develops your endurance. Persist a couple of times and persisting will become second nature.

The life you’ve always wanted is there. It has always been there, waiting for you to pick it up. So, put your fears aside. Forget about all the things that hold you back, whether it’s people, past failures, or self-deprecating thoughts and full-heartedly devote yourself to living the life you’ve always wanted.

Commit to the work, the pain, the ups and downs, and most importantly the satisfying results that will eventually come.

You got this!





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