3 Lessons Facing Fear Has Taught Me

Facing fear isn’t the easiest thing to do.

It has never been and frankly if you truly fear something, it never will be.

Fear is like an enemy in battle; it camps out in our minds and constantly bombards us with self-deprecating thoughts, pictures of horrible scenarios, anything really that torments us, in order to keep us from fully exercising our potential and living our life to the fullest.

It has taken some time for me to figure this little game out, but once I did I began to fight from my side of the battle.

These are the three important lessons I learned once I entered the battlefield against my fears:

1. I am capable.

Fear has a funny way of debilitating you, making you think that you can’t possibly do the thing that freaks you out the most. So, you hold back, because you “can’t”, or it’s “not possible”. Truth? That is such a lie. As cliche as it may sound, there really is nothing you can’t do, if you set your mind to it. Sure you might not instantaneously get the result that you wanted but you most definitely are capable of doing whatever you want to do.

2. Things don’t normally turn out as bad as you think they will.

I used to do this thing, (I still do sometimes, I’m a work in progress), where I would create scenarios in mind, really bad ones, of what would happen if I did the thing that I was afraid of doing. No lies, people would laugh at my insecurities, I would cry in front of my “enemy”, anything vaguely humiliating you can think of, I envisioned it. Turns out, things like that, although possible, don’t happen as often as our mind tries to trick us into believing they would. The normal person isn’t the spawn of satan and has many of their own insecurities to focus on exposing and tearing you down for yours. And if they are? I can take care of it like the strong woman that I am.

3. There is so much more to life than I could have ever imagined.

When you let fear overpower you, you literally live life inside of a box of all the things you are comfortable with. You never truly experience life. However, when you take the initiative and try to overcome your fears your eyes are opened to things you never thought were possible. You experience new sensations, new real life scenarios that show you just how amazing life can be and just how much you can miss out on. I now know what it is to talk to strangers without always feeling the need to control a panic attack or to have a break down if things don’t go the way I thought they would. And guess what? I’m alive and breathing and I’ve made some great friendships and memories as a result.


Raging war against fear is hard.

Some days fear totally has the upper hand; exhausting thoughts, panic attacks, and buckets of sweat galore.

However, the war is not over.

At least, it will never be over unless we give up.

I’ve become addicted to the feeling that facing my fears and succeeding gives me. I’m in love with the heights I’ve reached, the new faces I’ve met and the new me that has been formed as a result.

I wouldn’t take it back for the world.

My question for you is, are YOU willing to rage your own war against fear?




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