7 Habits for a Productive Morning Routine

Although many of us want to make the most of our days, and earnestly set out to get as many things accomplished as we can, it doesn’t always to turn out the way we want it to.

One thing or another happens; we wake up late, someone calls us last-minute, we get distracted, or we just don’t feel like it and the day flies right by us.

Whatever the reason for our unproductiveness, we are well aware that making the most of our days are important in order to accomplish our goals.

What some may not realize is that what you do in the morning, sets the tone for how the rest of your day will play out.

Yes, you can have a productive afternoon or evening every now and then, but when you make the most of your morning you have a more productive day overall.

Establishing a productive daily morning routine ensures that we seize our days.

Laying out a step by step plan for the morning that motivates us can have so many benefits from aiding in accomplishing our goals, completing important tasks and simply making sure that we don’t waste our days away.

Today I’m sharing with you guys a list I created of the habits that I have incorporated into my daily morning routine and that have in general made for more productive days in my life.


1. Wake up Early.

Although waking up early can be SO hard for some of us, it is honestly so important. Waking up early allows you to make the most of your day. You give yourself enough time to mentally prepare for the day ahead and also eat breakfast (BTW it goes without saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and we should try our best not to skip it) which should motive you to kick-start your day and get what you need to get done, done.

2. Disconnect.

Especially in the morning but also throughout the day. Disconnecting has so many benefits. Checking your phone when you first wake up distracts you from getting up and going. We spend 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour looking through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it and not only do we get behind schedule but we let our minds get bombarded with who’s doing what and comparison from the onset of the day. (BTW I totally struggle with this, Instagram is my weakness, so I feel you). It’s also good to disconnect throughout the day when we’re working on important tasks so that we can give our full attention to what we’re doing. For example, I find that when I disconnect while working on content for my blog, I get more done, and my creative juices flow better.

3. Drink Water.

I have recently gotten into doing this simply because I’ve heard over and over through other bloggers that drinking water when you wake up is beneficial. Drinking water in the morning helps boost your metabolism, hydrates your sleepy body, helps your skin and gets your brain active.

4. Read/Stimulate your mind.

This could range from looking over your To-Do list (which you should definitely have because it keeps you organized and helps you see that you get your stuff done), actually reading a book, or catching up on the news. If you’re going to be up and looking at something spend the time on something that will benefit you cognitively, keeping you informed, inspired or both.

5. Workout.

Now, I know I talked about this in my last post, but I can’t reiterate enough the benefits of working out, no matter what your stance is on having a healthy lifestyle. Like I mentioned in my previous postworking out helps clear your mind, reduces stress and energizes your body leading to a more productive you and in turn a more productive day for you. Working out in the morning will definitely help set a good tone for your day, what better than a stress-free, energized, you?

6. Dress like a Boss.

I have also written about this in a past post, but dressing up is good when you do it for the right reasons. I’m not saying you should dress up like a boss in order to impress other people or because you think it’ll gain you some sort of attention but I am saying to do it for YOU. Dressing up because you feel good in your body and you like what you’re wearing totally builds your confidence and motivates you in your day as well.

7. Kick Ass.

Literally, give your best in everything that you do. Do it because you love what you do, do it because giving your best gains you the most benefits, and do it because if we’re truly honest with ourselves we appreciate and value things more when people give their best and we should reflect the values we honor.


Having a productive morning routine is so important to having a productive day.

When we just let things happen, the distractions, the laziness, whatever it may be, we don’t make the most of our days and the potential for achieving more and acquiring our goals isn’t fully exercised.

I challenge you today to take some time and think about your mornings. Do you need to establish a morning routine? Do you need to modify the one you already have?

Whatever you decide to do, consider making the most of your mornings so that you can have the most productive day.



p.s. Let me know in the comment section what are things that you do in the mornings that help you have a productive day. I’d love to hear from you guys!


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