3 Reasons Why I’m No Longer Claiming Anxiety

I’m not clinically diagnosed with anxiety but I can tell you that I’ve been an anxious person since I can remember.

I’ve been anxious about many things from being around a lot of people, to losing my parents, being rejected and the list goes on and on. I’ve lost sleep, felt sick to my stomach, and felt the need to hide.

When I finally understood that these things were actually symptoms of general anxiety disorder I made the unfortunate mistake of claiming it rather than seeking help.

Not only did that open the door for more anxiousness to manifest itself in my life but it minimized and almost completely eliminated my desire to get better.

However, I’ve realized that my desire to live a happy and healthy life is greater than the negative thoughts that adversely influence my life and sometimes keep me at a stand still.

Here are the three main reasons/driving forces in my decision to no longer claim anxiety:

1. I don’t want it. Sure, I may get anxious occasionally but I refuse to make it a part of who I am.

2. If I don’t claim it, I make room for the mindset in which I can take steps to overcome the things that bring about the anxiousness.

3. I’ve already made progress towards being the person that I want to be and if completely devote myself to it I know will be successful.

For me, it has boiled down to this principle:

Their is power in our words.

Let’s claim positive truths and watch how are lives are transformed for the better.

Let’s passionately seek great things for our lives like self love, self care, joy, peace, motivation (YOU NAME IT).



7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’m No Longer Claiming Anxiety

  1. Dang! That’s POWERFUL reality!
    I LOVE how you presented this post!
    No longer Claim Anxiety! Claiming it, is Accepting the ‘label’ and living it.

    I too was an anxious person. People who meet me today, find that hard to believe.
    I agree. There is power in our words. I believe, not only ‘what’ we say, but ”now more than ever before”, the feeling behind it and to speak it out loud are powerful also.

    Thank you, I really appreciated this read,

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    1. I totally agree it is a powerful reality. I didn’t even realize how far gone I was until I was like what is going on with me, this isn’t how I want to be living. I’m glad you liked it the post!

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  2. I feel like with addictions or depression or whatever, when people say “I’m ___” they become attached with that identity and it only metastasizes whatever they’re trying to fix. You’re right, don’t accept it as part of who you are because it isnt!

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