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Self-Care Practices to Refresh Your Body and Mind

You know when you’ve had a long of day of work (me today) and you feel like you want to retreat forever. Or when it’s just been a crappy day and things have seemingly not gone right for you. Those days when you’d rather be a b**** and simply tell everyone to f*** off. Those are the days that you should love yourself the most. Those are the days when you should intentionally treat yourself and let your body know that although these things are happening or have happened they by no means define the way the rest of your day or life for that matter is going.

Some ways you can self-care:

1. Take a bath.

Lights down low. Bubbles everywhere. Music playing in the background. Unwind.

2. Read a book.

I’m currently reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and its so freaking good. Stay woke. I try to squeeze in as much time to read it as possible.

3. Do your hair.

For all you naturalistas out there. You know what I’m talking about. It feels great after you detangle your hair, put seem deep conditioner on it and watch it come magically back to life.

4. Connect with good friends.

Friends that don’t judge you. The ones who will go watch Blank Panther with you for the 5th time, stay up late talking about those akward fangirl days (Beliebers out there you know what I mean..), and the ones who will pray with you no matter what situation y’all are both in spiritually. Those friends.


How important is self-care to you? What are some of your self-care practices?




Become Intentional about Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Although the average person might not share everything that they experience mentally, as humans we go through a lot. We experience anxiety, which sometimes goes undiagnosed, we go through hardships, feel stress and occasionally have breakdowns. However, we aren’t all taught the necessary skills to cultivate mental strength.
Pursuing good mental health should be a daily intention. In order for us to have long lasting, satisfying lives, there are practices we can implement that will better equip us for when difficult situations arise.
1. Check in with yourself.
You know yourself better than anyone else. You can feel when something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and why. This doesn’t mean you have to do anything about it but simply that you understand why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself.
 2. Pause.
Put everything down. Restart your mind. Just like you know why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling the answer for how to proceed is already within you. It is so easy to get distracted by people, things and even your emotions. The answer comes when your silent enough to listen to the answer.
 3. Journal.
Write down what you’re feeling, positive affirmations, or even a gratitude list. There is something cathartic about putting pen to paper.
4. Communicate with your loved ones. 
Let them know you’re okay and express any concerns you might have. They love you and want what’s best for you. Check in with them as well.
5. Forgive yourself.
It is not healthy to constantly dwell on what you’ve done wrong. Don’t let your mistakes become your identity. Take it in. Learn from it. Move on.
6. TRUST in the Universe.
The Universe has your back if you trust it. Intentionally set aside anxiety, fear, and doubt in hope of something good. This is faith. This is peace.
7. Speak life.
Positive affirmations are so powerful. It tricks our brain into believing that what we are saying is true. It gives room for the Universe to manifest what we are speaking.
Will you commit to being intentional about taking care of your mental health? What are some practices that you currently implement in your daily life?

5 Ways to Re-Center Your Life

Every day we are pulled left and right by the various things that life throws our way.

Whether it be losing a job, having friendship issues or personal issues these things disrupt our peace and leave is feeling anxious, stressed, and sometimes even depressed.

Yet, have you noticed that there are people that still find the courage to be joyful regardless of whatever comes their way?

These people are ones that have been able to find what gives their life balance.

They are able to assess what is going around them and take steps to make sure that they maintain their inner peace no matter how their outer life is looking.

These are five practices that you can implement in order to maintain your balance:


1. Establish a routine for your down days that is loaded with self-care. Eat breakfast even if it’s 6 o’clock in the afternoon, read a book, take the time to get dolled up and take yourself out. These things may seem meaningless but they can actually give you the energy to stay motivated and approach your day from a better light.

2. Get your body moving. Workout, go for a walk, do something that will give your body the blood flow it needs, relax your mind, and release some endorphins while you’re at it.

3. Unplug and connect with yourself. Use this time to connect yourself by journaling for self-reflection, meditating, or doing some deep breathing exercises and note how you feel after a while.

4. Get rid of toxic friendships. The ones who only take but never give. The ones who constantly drain you. Let them go. If you want positive vibes in your life,  you have to surround yourself with people and things that exude positive vibes.

5. Seek counseling. Take the time to talk to someone in confidence. It can be cathartic and you will definitely learn more about yourself in the process.


These are some universal things that you can implement in order to maintain balance in your life.

However, there are practices that aren’t on this list that might be of great benefit to you.

Seek them.

Take the time to figure out what you need to do in order to maintain balance in your life, and stick to it no matter what.


Good luck!



7 Positive Affirmations for Everyday Life

I really wish I could accurately explain how beneficial positive self-talk is to our overall well-being.

All I can say is when you decide to react to circumstances in your life by speaking positive truths, you are able to experience a shift in emotions as well as a balanced change in perspective, over time.

Here are some positive affirmations you can use in your everyday life:

1. I am beautiful, I am unique, I am special. All that I am is enough and amazing. I don’t need to be anybody else but me. (cue Gavin Degraw, OTH fans where you at?:p)

2. I have made a mistake, but I am not a mistake.

3. What I think about myself is more important than what other people think about me.

4. My art is necessary. Even if it touches just one person, and that person is me.

5. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I am on my way there. Everything I am going through is only going to make me better prepared for what is coming.

6. No matter what comes my way today I can handle it gracefully.

7. I don’t need to be in control of everything for everything to be okay. 


You know what the amazing thing about this is?

You don’t have to feel like these things are true in the moment for you to speak them.

However, continue speaking these positive truths and soon enough they become reality in your life.




9 Ways to Self-Care After a Long Day of Work

Whether it’s taking some time to watch a movie you’ve been dying to see, spending some time journaling your thoughts, or even going through your natural hair wash day routine, self-care is so transformative for our overall well-being; managing our moods and allowing for greater perspective on situations that are taking place in our lives.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in meaningless activities after work but taking measures to self-care will help to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health as well as motivate you to continue working hard.

Here are some self-care activities that you can implement after a long day at work:


  1. Put the electronics away for at least an hour or two. Especially if you work behind a screen all day. This will give your vision and your mind a break.
  2. Take some time to center yourself by practicing some meditation. You can try some deep breathing exercises or listen to calming music.
  3. Take a nice warm shower or bath, put on some comfy clothes and then eat dinner.
  4. Read your favorite book.
  5. Work on one of your hobbies.
  6. Workout. Plug the music in and tune the world out.
  7. Journal. Write about your day, what thoughts have been running through your mind, the things you’re grateful for, etc.
  8. Have a dance party.
  9. Converse with whoever is home, whether it’s your significant other, a friend, a family member.

What are some self-care practices you implement after work?

Let me know in the comment section.



7 Reminders for When You Don’t Feel “Enough”

I don’t know about you guys but I have gotten so in my head at times to the point in which I’ve been questioning things that I have no business questioning.

You know that crippling self-doubt?

The what’s wrong with me? Am I worthy? Am I good enough? etc.

It’s gotten the best of me.

But I’m fed up with it.

It’s not only emotionally debilitating, but it’s also not the way I want to feel or treat my mind.

The truth is:

I control my thoughts. If I feel inferior or begin to doubt myself it’s because I have become so concerned with trivial things that I have forgotten the truth about who I am, what I’m worth and what I’m capable of.

Here is a list of things that I came up with to remind myself when self-doubt creeps in and tells me I’m not “enough”:

1. You are more than enough.

You are more than enough. Your value does not come from a thing, whether that be a talent, a job, or a material possession and it most definitely does not come from a person. You are more than enough just because you are a living breathing organism, created with love and affection by someone who loves you so much.

2. There is no one else like you.

Sure there are people who share the same talents as you, have the same hobbies, dress the same way, etc. However, there is no one that has your mind, your personality, all of your beautiful quirks in the way that you have them. No one can ever be you. And that is your power. Own it.

3. You know yourself better than anyone else.

I don’t know how many times I have caught myself questioning my own feelings and emotions simply because someone has called me out on it. I start to think that maybe I am ridiculous or that I am overreacting.

Don’t get me wrong it’s good to have perspective, and no you are not always going to be right and need to check yourself.

However, if you feel something, that is valid.

There is a reason for why you felt the way you felt, and that is what should be addressed. When you figure out the true source of those emotions than you access whether you need to check yourself or not.

4. You are a treasure.

Just because someone doesn’t appreciate all that you are, everything you have to offer, from your appearance to personality attributes does not mean you are not a prized possession. You’re a so fucking special. Period.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Make a list of all the things that you have gone through that has upset you. Go ahead. One thing you will realize is that you either overcame successfully or you survived. You no longer feel the shame or pain you thought you would forever feel and you are a lot stronger because of it.

6. Life is what you make it. 

I hate to go all Hannah Montana on you. Actually, I don’t because she was amazing. But seriously, she had a point. Life is what you make it. You can choose to dwell on the thing that has been bringing you down or you can decide to push through and focus on you.

Get back to working out, begin doing things you love, eat healthier, focus on whatever it is that makes you happy and leave no room for negativity.



I know what it feels like to doubt yourself, to not feel enough.

But, I want you to know that that is not everything.

We are worthy, we are loved, we are enough.

Even if we feel like we’re not.

Let’s make it a goal to remind ourselves every day!




5 Ideas to Begin to Self-Care and Self-Love

You know that feeling when you know what you are supposed to be doing? You literally have the answer to how to get out of the slump you’ve been in, yet you are so caught up in yourself, overthinking the little things, that you don’t take the time and effort to do what you have to do to get better.

Well that’s been me.

I have come to the realization that though I have great intentions, I want to encourage others to live the best life they are capable of living, I haven’t fully worked out some of essential things in my life which are caring for and loving myself.

I decided that I needed to revamp my 2016 goals to include self-care and self-love.

Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely been working on those two areas a lot this year, more than I ever have in my life. But not in the “this is a main priority” way but more so in the “oh this is necessary I should try these things” way.

I haven’t devoted the time and attention that these areas deserve in my life.

If you don’t already know, self-care simply means taking care of yourself, and self-love means loving yourself.

You can work  on these things by making the commitment to incorporate activities into your daily life that make you feel good about yourself and happy to be alive.

I’ve decided to share with you guys some examples of self-care and self-love practices that I like and I have incorporated into my life (BTW: I recently wrote this post on some ways you can love yourself, feel free to check it out) :

  1. Practice Gratitude – This can simply be daily journaling about things you are grateful for or just taking a couple of minutes everyday to think about some things you are grateful for that day.
  2. Spend Time Alone – This can involve disconnecting from the noise of life, such as social media and people in general (I highly recommend it. It is so helpful). You can take time to empty your mind and meditate on positive things, read a book; do something that you enjoy without focusing on the rest of the world for a while.
  3. Exercise – I will never get tired of saying how good exercise is. Like I’ve said numerous times before, exercise helps you feel and look good. It’s a good way to clear your mind creating a temporary relief from the stress and anxiety of life.
  4. Have a Girls/Guys night – Grab some movies, go out for drinks, do whatever you want, but make a habit of scheduling time with the people that make life a little better for you.
  5. Have a spa day – There’s nothing like getting a facial, massage, your nails and hair did. Pamper yourself the way you want.

Bonus tip: Another thing that you can do is pick one specific theme to focus on each month for the rest of the year or even into next year. Focus on spending that month incorporating that activity into your daily routine until it becomes a habit.


Honestly, this list could go on forever. However, what works for me won’t always work for you.

I challenge you to take some time and think of all the things that make you feel good and happy to be alive and then incorporate them into your daily life.

You are amazing and capable and deserving of all the greatness and love in the world.

It honestly, all starts with you.